Robin Ham

For fans of:Kevin DeYoung, Matt Chandler, N.D. Wilson, Donald Miller, Ted Turnau

Writing your own author bio in the third-person seems slightly artificial, so first-person will have to do...

I enjoy writing, and have blogged at That Happy Certainty since 2006, on culture, theology and ministry. One of the things that gets me stoked is opening up the Bible with people and exploring why the person of Jesus Christ is outrageously good news. Being able to do that with the spoken word, through preaching and teaching, is one of the joys of my job. Being able to do that with the written word is one of the joys of my leisure time.

Noisetrade offers a handy opportunity to create and self-publish some of that content:

- I wrote Filtered Grace whilst at seminary, because I found myself fascinated with Instagram (ok, yes, perhaps slightly addicted) and, as a Christian, I wanted to consider why.

- I'm now involved in church-planting in Cumbria, England, which is where I put together Good News People, a workbook that helped us explore starting a new gospel community here.

Before seminary I'd spent time in church ministry in London and Cheltenham (England), having previously read Theology as my undergraduate at Durham University. Along the way I married Zoe, who, as it happens, is a lethal proofreader and idea-refiner. Amongst my greatest achievements I will happily list having my first band played on Chinese radio, becoming a dad, and being told I've got the dress-sense of an Oxfam model.