Lydia Chorpening

Bigger than Impossible (Keys to Experiencing the Impossible through God)

Bigger than Impossible (Keys to Experiencing the Impossible through God) by Lydia Chorpening
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For readers of:Lynn R Davis, Susan Rohrer, Adam Houge, A. W. Tozer, Daniel B Lancaster
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PublisherAneko Press
Publication Date2013
About the Book

Impossibility is not a period at the end of faith's sentence. Faith, in the life of the believer, is meant to be tested. Without adversities faith will never become strong and overcoming.

God has not planned crises, pain and disaster to enter our lives as a dead-end to faith's venture. Many situations vaunt themselves as "impossible", but when they are stripped from their "I" and "M" and become dependent on God, they become "God-possible".

In this book:

  • Live life victoriously as you learn to rely on God.
  • Learn how to overcome all life’s obstacles.
  • Watch depression and anxiety disappear.
  • Understand why God is allowing you to experience mountains.

Each chapter of Bigger Than Impossible highlights a specific area of Lydia Chorpening's difficult past and contrasts it with Scriptures which make God bigger than the seemingly impossible. By utilizing the complete assurance of these Biblical concepts, you will develop your trust in the God who is bigger than impossible.

About the Author

I was born in Iowa and raised in a strict Amish home and as Joseph, have seen my purpose in life fulfilled in most unexpected ways. From my humble beginnings, as Joseph, I saw my dreams ultimately fulfilled in my ‘Egypt.’ My husband and I were missionaries to the Philippines for eight years, and as Joseph, we were no saints at the beginning of our journey, needing to allow God to mold us into His perfect will. We traveled to remote areas, crossed turbulent oceans and trudged dangerous territories, learning to trust God as we went.

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