Dave Magill

12 Days At Christmas

12 Days At Christmas by Dave Magill
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nonfiction Religion
For readers of:Donald Miller, Robert Fulghum, Devotional, Reflection
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Print Length33 pages
Publication Date4/12/2014
About the Book

I love the Christmas story. I love it when I read it and when children perform it, with snowmen included. I think I love it because I can identify with each of the characters in some way. With some I am inspired by their faith and in others I see reflection of my own frailty. I love the prophetic message of a story in which a baby in squalor is an eternal King. I love men of wisdom bowing at a Manger and shepherds as the audience at an angelic cantata. It is a story filled with wonder and glory.

Yet, as I get older I feel like I am losing my grip on the story. It is becoming familiar and I am beginning to miss the nuances that once romanced me. Every now and then a song or a painting reignites the story again as the artist casts light on a new facet that had begun to drift into the grey.

These are 12 reflections on the Christmas story, attempting to illuminate the nuances and beauty. To be read for 12 days throughout the Christmas period.

About the Author

Dave lives on the stunning North Coast of Northern Ireland with his wife and son. Dave has been a leader with various ministries for around 16 years and has always had a passion for writing. He loves being with people and enjoys a good coffee and chat with anyone who wants one. For Dave, here is nothing quite like finding common ground with someone and chatting away the hours. If you are ever in Bath grab him for a coffee.

Dave writes short easy to read books in the hopes that those who are not normally readers will pick one up and engage with some of the thoughts in the text.

12 Days At Christmas is a short, 12 Day devotional to be read alongside the Christmas narratives in the Gospels. You can also find a sample of Dave's first book, Just Being Honest - a collection of stand alone reflections on what it has meant for Dave as he has tried to follow Jesus.

Dave's background is in church ministry having worked as a youth pastor for years and then pioneering the experimental young adult congregation Conversations for 5 years. He is currently working with the Trussell Trust supporting those in food poverty in Northern Ireland. If you are thinking of tipping him he'd prefer you donated to the Trussell Trust. You can find them easily online.

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