Ashleigh Slater

5 Simple Marriage Tools You Should Know

5 Simple Marriage Tools You Should Know by Ashleigh Slater
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About the Book

When we do something for a long time, we get better at it...or we should. Sometimes, we forget to add new tools to our marriage toolbox, especially after we’ve been married for a while. If you're looking to improve your marriage, you need to start developing tools to use when common situations come up. Ashleigh Slater, the author of Team Us, offers five of her own marriage tools to help couples navigate the tricky situations of marriage.

It might be a midnight misunderstanding, a last minute change of plans, a miscommunication on holiday plans, or a confrontation gone wrong. We’ve all encountered moments in marriage that take some work to get through successfully. Rather than starting from scratch every time, we need to develop marriage tools that we can use again and again in these situations, making each one a bit easier than the last.

Ashleigh shares five of her own marriage tools used over the course of her marriage. From the catastrophic first Valentine’s Day she shared with her husband to their struggle to remember what song they danced to at their wedding, Ashleigh weaves her stories into each tool, inviting you to share in the tools and create your own.

About the Author

Ashleigh Slater is a writer and editor passionate about seeing marriages at every stage thrive. As the founder and editor of the popular webzine Ungrind and a regular contributor at Start Marriage Right, iBelieve, The Time-Warp Wife, and For the Family, she unites the power of a good story with biblical truth and practical application to encourage couples. She has almost 20 years of writing experience and a master’s degree in communication. Ashleigh and her husband, Ted, have been married for more than a decade. They have four daughters and reside in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more, visit

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