Exclusive Video: Tension Simmers on Episode 2.6 of Into the Badlands

TV Video Into the Badlands
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We’re fans of AMC’s Into the Badlands, here at Paste. The pulpy, post-apocalyptic martial arts drama has featured absurdly ornate production values since day one, but was shut out of awards discussion during its first season despite being a shoo-in for several of the technical categories in particular. Just today, Paste published an essay arguing this point: Into the Badlands has been flying under the radar as the most stylish, visually resplendent show on TV, featuring next-level choreography and action sequences, and it only seems to be improving in its ongoing season 2.

As a result, we’re happy to bring you the above exclusive clip from this week’s new episode (2.6) of Into the Badlands, which is titled “Leopard Stalks in Snow.” It features the slowly deteriorating mental state of Quinn, the former Baron whose progressive brain tumor has been pushing him toward the edge of sanity, in a conversation with his former wife Lydia, captured in an attempt to avenge their recently slain son Ryder. After leading a failed attack on Quinn, the two former lovers discuss the web of betrayals that have led to the ruin of a once powerful baron.

Into the Badlands returns with its next episode on Sunday night, 10 p.m. EST.

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