These Infographics from Whographica Chart Doctor Who's History

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These Infographics from <i>Whographica</i> Chart <i>Doctor Who</i>'s History

From the Doctor’s convoluted family tree to the Daleks’ many allegiances with the Cybermen, Whographica’s pages visually chart Doctor Who’s history. This infographic treasure trove from Steve Guerrier, Steve O’Brien, and Ben Morris will entertain new and old fans alike as they wait for the TV series to return in 2017.*

The book is divided into 12 sections, including The Doctor, Living History, Planet Earth, Daleks and Cyberman, Tardis and Time Lords, Companions, Gadgets and Weapons, Into the Future, and more. We’ve collected a few eye-catching infographics for you to browse in the gallery…just don’t blink.

*And the 2016 Christmas Special, of course.