Squidbillies Returns in July with Theme Songs by Father John Misty, Kurt Vile and More

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Good news: the beautifully absurd (and thoroughly Southern) Squidbillies is coming back to Adult Swim in under two weeks. The show’s tenth season starts on Sunday, July 10, at 11:30 PM (ET/PT), which gives you barely a week and a half to bone up on the first nine years worth of Early Cuyler’s adventures.

Part of the Squidbillies charm is how they get a different band or artist to cover the theme song every episode. This season’s roster of theme song artists includes Father John Misty, Kurt Vile, Sharon Van Etten, Rebecca Schiffman, Jimmy Cliff and Georgia’s own the B-52s.

You probably don’t have to be from Georgia to love Squidbillies, but it certainly helps. You don’t have to be from anywhere in particular to appreciate the show’s dreamlike stories, or to laugh at its surreal take on Southern culture. Creators Dave Willis and Jim Fortier have packed it full of in-jokes that might land better if you’re from the Peach State, though, like casting the late Georgia Bulldogs announcer Larry Munson as the voice of God, or getting Atlanta indie rock fixtures like Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox and the Black Lips’ Jared Swilley to play stereotypical hipsters condescendingly enamored with the show’s rural setting.

In keeping with that strong Southern identity, Adult Swim’s released a video hyping the tenth season featuring Jesco White, the Appalachian mountain dancer you might recognize from the Dancing Outlaw documentaries, MTV’s The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, and as the voice of Rebel Radio in Grand Theft Auto V. White’s not from Georgia, but he definitely fits the Squidbillies aesthetic, so we’ll let that slide. You can watch that video below.

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